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It is funny how you can work with a person for over three years but only truly engage one another when put in, for lack of a better word, forceful circumstances.

I first got to know about my colleague Lesego Moleofane’s hopes and dreams at a networking function we had both been invited to at the beginning of the year. We were seated together by chance, but something tells me it was more than just chance – perhaps fate.

On the day we were encouraged to get to know the person next to us a little bit better, and her story to me went something like this:

My son is a soccer player, and I have continued to be impressed that without fail, after every week of playing, he comes back home singing  joyfully. Even without resources, he continues to be positive expressing innocently that,

“one day God will provide them with the help that they need”.

I live in the township, and after years of hard work I have finally been able to provide my children with what they want and need. I see the joy and appreciation in their eyes everyday, so you can imagine that it made me both extremely sad and proud to hear him talk about how he wishes the rest of his friends could afford the same opportunities as him – and here I thought I was giving him the bare minimum.

Lesego’s story touched me – such a simple yet powerful narrative. I myself have never truly worked on social projects, but it was on that day that I promised her and myself that this would be the first and it would be a success!

I helped her craft a proposal and a list of potential sponsors to approach. Little did we know that we would be successful on our first attempt.


With tears of happiness in our eyes and warm hearts, we would like to thank Bonngoe for providing us with an opportunity to make a difference in 24 boy’s lives. The City Boys soccer team of the South are now fully kitted and ready take names out on the field. They truly feel like a real team now, and we have you to thank!

Giving back is big business and needs to be treated as such.

Eternally blessed.

The City Boys soccer team kitted out in their new gear. 


Pictures courtesy of Lesego Moleofane.