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As if sponsoring us with a full kit and restoring our hopes & dreams wasn’t enough, Bonngoe TV shed a ray of light into our lives this Heritage Day. With much excitement and a level of energy you could not bottle up in a jar even if you tried, the City Boys u15 soccer team headed out to Atteridgeville to the annual Kasie Seven a side tournament – their first on the road adventure – compliments of Bonngoe.

And what a day it was… At a temperature unknown to the Sun God’s themselves, our melanin went into 6th gear, protecting us from the ball of fire in the sky – in no way did the near unbearable heat deter us, we were ready to conquer by all means!

The passion and enthusiasm from each and every team of the day was incredibly inspiring – and the motivation to win even more so. Three games in, and we were walking off the field brushing ‘dirt off our shoulders’.

By Game 4 and 5, the competition got tougher and tougher – giving us a run for our money. We were left with a knock out game, which would ensure our place in the quarterfinals, when one magnificent long shot at the last minute made it through our keeper’s hands – the first of the day. There went our chance at taking home first prize in our category.

They say not to be a sore loser – never did I think that I would truly experience the phrase with a group of 14 year olds. They left the field smiling, high fiving and congratulating their opponents. I was left truly inspired and cannot wait for the next tournament to enjoy the loud noise of elation, emotion and adventure – A Heritage day well spent if I do say so myself.